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30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

January 12, 2013

30 Absolutely Fabulous collars to make by Sophia

I love free-standing collars. They are fun to make and so simple. Collars frame for your face, as we tend to focus on the face.  You can change the look of a simple outfit completely by just adding a collar. You can even keep a few in your handbag if you need a quick change! 

Just to get you started into the lingo of collars; here’s a collection of different types of collars

(For all the images – just click on them for the source)

Different types of collars you can make

The embellished collar is particularly big now with the Barogue look.

Chanel – Image from ZsaZsa Bellagio

Every girl needs pearls! You may not want the little string of pearls but these pearl embellished collars you can make yourself will are just gorgeous.

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

Pearl collar Necklace from Style Hive

DIY Tutorial from Les Arts Plastiques

Tutorial Trinkets in Bloom

Just add pearls and lace to a plain collar to get this feminine look.

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

Image from Barbro Andersen

The black and gold baroque look is just fabulous and that too can easily be done with a DIY collar and cuff added to your little black dress.

30 absolutely fabulous collars to make yourself

Black and gold Baroque collar – Image from Jkayre

Either embroider a black collar and add pearls and sparklies or simply sew on decorative buttons!

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

Baroque button collar – Image from Reciproque

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to make yourself

Tutorial from from Fashion Margo Girl

Unusual Lace and beaded collar video tutorial

More great tutorial to make these collars. I especially love the ruffled ribbon collar.

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

Tutorials from On the Fourth Floor

Then there is the silver and metallic look – the following pictures gives great tutorials for the collars – just click on the images for for the tutorials..

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

Faux Glitter Collar – tutorial from Wobisobi

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

Vuitton metal peter pan collar – tutorial matter of style

30 Absolutely Fabulous Collars to Make

Tutorial M & J Blog

Here’s another idea for a black and gold Baroque collar in the Puritan style. Just cut out a collar (x 2 plus facing) in the shape of the collar shown in the picture below to the size you want, and use thetutorial for the Peter Pan collar to make it up and embellish to your hearts delight. Tie with a ribbon or a decorative button with a button loop.

30 Absolutely Fabulous collars to make

Image from Fashiolista

How to make a puritan or Peter Pan collar – Full Tutorial from A Common Thread

My favourite for DIY – Doilies

30 Absolutely Fabulous collars to make

Best Tutorial for how to make a collar from a Doily from El Calaix

Or you can just crochet a collar here’s on pattern I like

30 Absolutely fabulous collars to make

Crochet a collar – from Lulu Loves

Ah, then there is the Faux Fur collar, lets not forget.

30 Absolutely Fabulous collars to make

Tutorial Elegant musings

Here’s a really unusual use of the faux collar

Faux fir collar that fastens with soft knit ties, which you could easily knit yourself – Image and idea from Transient Expression

Sweet and Simple

30 Absolutely Fabulous collars to make

If you haven’t found any collars to your liking here’s some more DIY collars from True Blue and Me.

30 Absolutely Fabulous collars to make

Image From True Blue & Me

  1. DIY Style Miu Miu Cat Collar by Audrey Kitching here. Love how she uses iron-on transfers (I use these all the time).
  2. DIY Scallop Edge Detachable Pearl Collar by Megan Nielsen here. I was going to suggest glue and then read one comment saying how happy they were she sewed this the “proper” way. This collar reminds me of an antique one I own.
  3. DIY Felt Scalloped Collar by The.Dot.Spot. here. I’ve included this because you can make any shape, any color with any number of perferations.
  4. DIY Inspiration from Marc Jacobs seen at acidule here. So easy to make.
  5. Zipper Collar Inspiration. Seen at acidule here. This is one of the few times I cannot find the source anywhere.
  6. DIY Embellished Collar by …Love Maegan here.
  7. DIY Reversible Angel Wings’ Collar by Rachel Faucett at Craftzine here. Detailed pattern and versatile.
  8. DIY Louis Vuitton Gold Collar by just angelina here, using a tutorial by a Pair & a Spare here.
  9. DIY Embellished Colars by Toronto Standard: Ride or DIY here. Examples with pennies, shells, seed beads etc…

More …

Lastly here is a collar I made from an old shirt with a frayed collar, that would otherwise just have been thrown away. It can be worn up or down.  I will give the tutorial in my post – How to make a worn collar into a Baroque collar necklaceI will also do a few more posts on different types of collars because a just love collars.!

How to make a worn out Collar into Baroque Collar Necklace

How to make a worn out Collar into Baroque Collar Necklace

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  1. January 12, 2013 2:20 pm

    Those are BEAUTIFUL! I have just learned how to embroider and this post has inspired me to create an embroidered collar!!!!!

    • January 12, 2013 2:26 pm

      Embroidering is so relaxing and you always have something great to show for your relaxing. lol I enjoy embroidering while watching tv. Have fun, even with the simplest stitches you can make something beautiful.

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