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How to make a walk-through Pinterest Board

March 5, 2014

pinterest 2

I love Pinterest, not only for all the ideas and information but also to help clearly see what your personal style is. However, I have been frustrated that when you make a board, you can’t move the actual pins around to group things, like you can move boards around in your profile area. Where there is a will there is away.

I decided to experiment with a board – My Dream Home and environment. The idea was to have a virtual walk through – from the approach,  through the front door (it was hard to choose from all the magnificent doors in my door’s board), through the house into the garden and eventually to my garden cottage studio – dream away!


Simple Really …

First I created to boards and kept them secret rather than public. The first one I used as a gash board to collect all the elements I want for my dream house – a source board from which I could pin in the order I want. When I completed that, I started to pin what I wanted to be my last pin on the board and worked my way back to what I wanted to be the first pin.

When finally I was happy with the board, I went to edit the board and changed it from secret to public and pinned what I planneed to be the first pin while it was visible as an invitation.

Have a look at my Dream House

Now that’s what I call a proper dream board, rather than trying to find pictures to cut out.  You can use it for many other applications too, I will love to hear what your ideas about it are.

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