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How to make a walk-through Pinterest Board

March 5, 2014

pinterest 2

I love Pinterest, not only for all the ideas and information but also to help clearly see what your personal style is. However, I have been frustrated that when you make a board, you can’t move the actual pins around to group things, like you can move boards around in your profile area. Where there is a will there is away.

I decided to experiment with a board – My Dream Home and environment. The idea was to have a virtual walk through – from the approach,  through the front door (it was hard to choose from all the magnificent doors in my door’s board), through the house into the garden and eventually to my garden cottage studio – dream away!


Simple Really …

First I created to boards and kept them secret rather than public. The first one I used as a gash board to collect all the elements I want for my dream house – a source board from which I could pin in the order I want. When I completed that, I started to pin what I wanted to be my last pin on the board and worked my way back to what I wanted to be the first pin.

When finally I was happy with the board, I went to edit the board and changed it from secret to public and pinned what I planneed to be the first pin while it was visible as an invitation.

Have a look at my Dream House

Now that’s what I call a proper dream board, rather than trying to find pictures to cut out.  You can use it for many other applications too, I will love to hear what your ideas about it are.

Hip Bags to Compliment your style

February 14, 2014

Hip bags can be so much more than pure utility hands-free bags. They lend themselves especially to creative interpretation and as an accessory to compliment a particular look.

Here’s some inspirations spark your creativity.

Hip Bags to Compliment your style

Image from


From JungleTribe

Here’s some great ideas for recycling old denims into hip pouches.

denim hippouch

From KayLim

hipbag denimpockets

Great idea for embellishing old denim pockets in whatever style you want by dying, adding lace for a romantic look, as the bag from Gypsecouture below.

hipbag denim lace 2

Or, add patches images, studs for a steampunk look. The CrustPunk from CivilianDisarm  can serve as an inspiration.

hipbag crustpunk

denim trim hip pouch

Love these  Hip Pouches with Attachable Mini skirts from AHni Radvanyi  on Etsy for a Steampunk look.

miniskirt hip pouch

brown miniskirt hip pouch

hip pouch lunadesign

From LunaDesign

The idea of combining an overskirt and utility bag  works especially well.

hipbag skirts

Adorable Pixie Felt Hip Bag from Frixigirl Etsy

pixi hip belt

Boho Hip bags

boho hipbag 2

This ethnic style hip bag is from  AvesofJiJi Etsy

Traditional Ethic Design is a great source for inspiration.

hipbag african

Love this Renaissance style festival pocket in rich fabrics from Sandalamoon Etsy

hipbag renaissance

And this beautiful  pocket belt in tapestry from Bluemoonkatherine – see her shop for lots more gorgeous  pocket belts.

hipbag tapestry

More sassy ideas from Gypsecouture

hipbag sassy

hipbag crochet

Great idea for making Crochet Hip bags from HorizonsEd3e Etsy

hipbag boho3

You can also attach a crochet bag to strips of lace edging, add fringes etc as in the inspiration from Etsy 

hipbag fringe

Gorgeous Fringed Hip bag from Emma Pintado

Military Style

hipbags military

Convert Utility Belt and Leggings from Crisiswear

hipbag milsteampunk

Great  Steampunk harness belt From Ethiscrea

Vintage Military Utility belt

Vintage Military Utility belt

multicol hipbag

From Melting Pot World Emporium

Fynbos Floral Inspirations

January 28, 2014

I live in the heart of the Fynbos floral kingdom. The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest of the six Floral Kingdoms in the world, and is the only one contained in its entirety within a single country.  The Cape Floral Kingdom compares with some of the richest floras worldwide, surpassing many tropical forest regions in its floral diversity.

No wonder their beauty are an inspiration to so many artists Here are some of my favourites

This beautiful graphic Pincushion (Leucospermum) design is from Skinny Laminx based in Cape Town

Pincushion Design by Skinny Laminx

Lasercut card – Table Mountain

Little Garden

These lovely cards are from bookhou

Romantic Braids

January 26, 2014

Best of Romantic hair braids and tutorials

My eyes opened to incredible beauty and versatility of  braids after watching the White Queen. The Queen’s mother’s hair styles – Jacquetta (Elizabeth Woodville’s mom) were especially impressive.

Janet McTeer and Rebecca Ferguson in The White Queen from IMBd

Janet McTeer and Rebecca Ferguson in The White Queen from IMBd

Then of course there are the fabulous plaits from Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones - D

Game of Thrones – Daenerys

Braids or plaits have been making a big comeback on and off the red carpet for the last few years. Braids have of course been around across centuries, continents, and genders; from side braids to milkmaid braids, French, waterfall, fishtails, coils, buns and chignons. Their versatility allows incredible complex styles with endless possibilities. They can also work on most lengths of hair. They’re also functional, keeping us cool and unencumbered.

As my hair is below waist length, I started having fun playing with braids.

Here are some of my favourites; some are beautiful yet easy, while others serves as elaborate inspirations.

Godey's Lady's Book, May 1866

Godey’s Lady’s Book, May 1866

Greek Coiffure – 1866

The coiffure requires no frisettes, and is both simple and elegant.  The back hair is tied rather high, and as tightly as possible; it is then divided into two equal portions, which are both plaited.  The first is arranged into two loops: the second forms the third loop, and is then twisted round the chignon and fastened underneath.  The front hair is disposed in waved bandeaux; if the hair is not sufficiently long and thick to form the plaited coronet with the end of the bandeaux, a false plaite is added and fastened under the chignon. (Image and text from Koshka-the-cat.)

Online access to Godey’s Lady’s Book

Nina Headdress, 1863, from Godey's Ladies Book.

Nina Headdress, 1863, from Godey’s Ladies Book.

Image from A Polar Bear’s Tale

Multiple braid plait.

Multiple braid plait.

Braid with flowers

Easy braid tutorial

Easy braid tutorial

Tutorial from IMGFAVE

rainbow room

Hair by Gordon Richie, Photographer McInnes

Image from Rainbow Room

Kate Middleton

Tutorial from Fashion Diva Design

More elaborate Renaissance Style

More elaborate Renaissance Style

Image from Renmoon

super easy updo

From Fashionsy Also click for lots more super easy styles.

Empress Isabel - 1548

Empress Isabel – 1548

From Superior Platform

50 braids

Image from Trendhunter

Fun idea based on a detail of the Allegory of Spring, 1482, from Sandro Botticelli – hair braid as a choker. Attach a broach to your braid.

Spring botticelli 3


jenny twoshoes



game of thrones hair styles

From Howtohairgirl

double crown braid

From Meiliwall

noir braid

From Arwendë Luhtiénë Emeldir Peredhel

Beautiful multiple strand style

Beautiful multiple strand style

From Jenny Twoshoes

Wonderful inspiration from this Doll's Hair styling

Wonderful inspiration from this Doll’s Hair styling

From Amadiz

You can of course weave into the braids pearls, ribbons or whatever takes your fancy.

pearl braid

From Boulevard Pinki

The series Vikings also brought Viking braids back into the spotlight.


Travis Fimmel's braided hairstyle

Travis Fimmel’s braided hairstyle

Images from IMDb

Viking Braid

Viking Braid

If you want to recreate this Viking hairstyle you have to start by making a regular pigtail with the hair from the top of the head. At the hairline on the back of the neck you braid the rest of the hair into the braid which is then divided into seven parts. You braid these together two, two and three. At the end the pigtail is divided into two twisted pigtails. You can read more about it from the Tollund Man.

An elegant hairstyle with a braided headband; the style mimics the hair seen in portraits and modern film depictions of Regency Era ladies.

athens style

The intricate hairstyles of the caryatids on the Erechtheion temple in Athens were recreated. From an article by ArtNews.

Roman Hair Styles

Roman Hair Styles

Janet Stephen’s tutorials on Roman hair styles is a must-see for anyone interested in elaborate braiding styles or just for the sake of interest. They are full of tips and ideas. It is actually not as difficult as it looks, though an extra pair of hands is necessary for most of the styles.

heart plait

Image from DR Redlocks

Here’s how to do the heart braid

long braid

Image via pinterest. From

Enjoy !

Beautiful plaits in a Da Vinci drawing

Beautiful plaits in a Da Vinci drawing

Also See:

10 Best Braid How to Videos on YouTube

How to tie a Bow Tie in a Mirror

February 23, 2013

how to tie a bow tie in a mirror

One of my favourite pieces from my collection of fashion history is a bow tie from AK & CO still in its packaging. What’s really great about it is that it has instructions on how to tie a bow tie in a mirror.

How to Tie a bow tie in a mirror

AK & CO Logo

Don’t you just love the logo design?

how to tie a bow tie in a mirror

how to tie a bow tie in a mirror


Isn’t it just great!



Cycles of Fashion – The Bow Tie

February 23, 2013
“To its devotees the bow tie suggests iconoclasm of an Old World sort, a fusty adherence to a contrarian point of view. The bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie. Bow ties are worn by magicians, country doctors, lawyers and professors and by people hoping to look like the above. But perhaps most of all, wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think.”
—Warren St John, The New York Times[1]

Prince Charles joked that he had become a fashion icon simply by dressing the same as he always had. That’s how trends work: they come around in long cycles that make the old new again every other generation.
But where did bow ties actually come from? Here’s a great video giving a history of bow ties.

Bow ties are cool again and no doubt Dr Who is largely responsible for this. For others like me who are curious as to why Dr Who wears a bow tie here’s a great clip from an interview on SFX’s, where Matt Smith, costume designer Ray Holman and producer Piers Wenger talk to Nick Setchfield about the evolution and  design of Doctor Eleven’s sartorial style. And yes, the bow tie was Matt’s idea…

The Doctor

Ray Holman: “We had to go through tons and tons of clothes. I think I took hundreds of photographs of Matt with different ideas, and in the end it all came down to a day when we were all in the room together. We had certain elements of the costume – we knew we wanted boots, we had the trousers, the shirt, there were a couple of different coats and jackets. The tweed jacket went on him and we thought, ‘That’s it!’ And then we didn’t know if it was going to be a T-shirt, if it was going to be open-necked or if it was going to be a tie. Matt said, ‘Can I try a bow tie?’ And we all went, ‘Ugh, no, not sure!’ We got a bow tie. I actually put it on Matt’s neck and said, ‘I’m sorry about this, but let’s have a go.’ I put it on him, stepped back, and we just went, ‘Wow!’ It was a really tingly moment when we  knew we had it.”

Types of Bow ties – From I Waste So Much Time

bow tie types



Image from The Art of Manliness

Before Matt Smith, bow ties weren’t just a statement of taste. They also spoke to a conservative rebellion against vulgarian culture: a refusal to be blandly egalitarian. They’re jolly difficult to tie, which means that the effort to put one on adds a degree of philosophy to the dressing process. There’s a Taoism to bow tie wearing: one has to be in the right mind to put one on and carry it off. That requires a close shave, a clean shirt, well managed hair, shiny shoes and a jacket carefully chosen to give prominence to the tie. Throw one on haphazardly and you’ll look like an urbane tramp. – By Tim Stanley for The Telegraph

From House of Dara

cool bow tie look

From The simple solution to expert witness credibility

But not just men can wear bow ties with style …


Karl Lagerfeld

Image from Sophie Mae Style

Image from House of Dara

bow ties

Love this idea for an alternative way of wearing a bow tie

Love this idea for an alternative way of wearing a bow tie (Click on image for source)

I am sure most of you heard the saying; A gentleman is a man who uses a butter knife even when he is alone.

Just so, you can’t call your yourself a true DIY -er if you opt for a clip on instead of doing it yourself. Here’s how to tie a bow tie from Devoureth Also see how to tie a bow tie in a mirror

Learning How to Crochet

February 13, 2013

After finding that wonderful crochet book, my head was spinning with ideas and possibilities, but then a little voice inside me said, ” Not to rain on your parade, but you can’t uhm … actually crochet.”  I have been so busy over the years making stuff that  I have “forgotten” that I haven’t taken the time to learn to crochet.  But since I now have all these ideas it was a good time to start.

Ah, the wonders of the internet and bless Donna from Naztazia. She has two wonderful videos to teach you all you need to know to start crochet.

Part 2

After watching the two videos, I was hooked. Luckily I already have a full set of crochet hooks, inherited from my granny and mum and yarn from my other projects so, there was nothing to stop me.  I started by just freestyle crochet, choosing I yarn I liked and then see where it took me. Focusing on patterns, counting stitches and figuring out the abbreviations was just too much while I was getting into the swing of holding the yarn and mastering the basic stitches.

My first piece a heart bracelet, made from cotton twine. Ok, it did not start as a bracelet and the happy mistake became a button hole but it was fun. I learnt all about crochet in a straight line, the turning chain and how to hold a crochet hook.

crochet bracelet with flowers

crochet bracelet stripes

The only extra I learnt was  how to crochet a simple heart from my Valentine’s Post

So, now I was ready to tackle a pattern and my first choice were these great Mary Jane slippers from Goodknits.

Mary Jane Slipper tutorial from Goodknits

But I was so enjoying the project and curious to see what will happen if I just continued the edging that instead of Mary Jane slippers I made slipper booties. I also added a felt sole and an extra edging because I know the edges always wear out.

crochet slipper boots

The Zen of Making has a great tutorial on adding felt soles.

Felt soles tutorial from the Zen of Making

But the tricky part still lies ahead, reading a pattern. In my next post I will share my adventures and lessons learnt.

If you have been putting off learning to crochet do it now, it is such fun.

crochet bracelet heart

crochet heart