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Camo Chic – DIY your own Camouflage

December 17, 2012

The Military trend with camouflage prints still seem to be around. I must confess that I have always had a soft spot for military style and camouflage prints. Getting hold of camouflage fabric though, was always difficult, especially because at one point it was actually outlawed to wear any camouflage in South Africa unless it was actually in the military.

Never being one to give up against odds I decided to make my own camouflage fabric and to make a backpack from it. But before I show what I have done, here’s some great camouflage looks to give you some ideas of what you can trasform into camouflage by handpainting the camouflage patterns on plain fabric. The one below is from  from Sweetie Pie Style

camouflage look fashion diy

From Sweetie Style

And from Fashion Blog Love

Camoufleuge Fashion looks

From Fashion Blog Love

I had some heavy duty cream fabric left from a previous project, which I decided would be ideal for making a backpack from. So, step one was to find a camouflage print design that I liked. Here’s some ideas from Blog Spoon Graphics (The patterns are available from Blog Spoon for download)

Woodland Camouflage

Urban Camouflage

Desert Camouflage

I chose to use a version of Woodland Camouflage often used in Africa. I used fabric paint to paint the camouflage patterns on – freehand. After the colour was set and I washed and ironed the fabric, I started to cut out the design. What is great about making your own bag is that you can decided exactly how many pockets you want, what style, size and straps.  I made my own pattern looking at various bags and picking what I like.

I salvaged straps and closures from old broken backpacks.

DIY Camouflage fabric and backpack

This gives you an idea of the pattern I painted

DIY camouflage fabric and backpack

For fun I painted a Griffon on the Flap

white red bag 2

It can even handle all the sketch books and drawing equipment

DIY Camouflage fabric and bag

Ready for a day out




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  1. April 18, 2013 2:06 pm

    Hi, can I ask you what kind of colors you used to paint the camo? precisely these tones please. Thanks.

    • April 18, 2013 3:15 pm

      Hi Jan, I blend my own colours. I rarely find colours that fits what I want, especially here in South Africa. Basically you need a forest green, cream, yellow ochre, sienna, burnt sienna and a touch of black.For the pale colour I added tiny bits of burnt sienna, to the cream and also a touch of the Khaki green I mixed, untill I was happy. For the Khaki green, I added small quantities of yellow ochre and burnt sienna to the forest green. For the darkest shades, I also added small amounts of black. For the browns a blend of sienna and burnt sienna and a touch of black. Hope that helps.

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