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The Best of Men’s Shirt Refashioning

December 8, 2012

I wonder what it is about men’s shirts that inspires such creativity in women? Whatever the reasons there are amasing tutorials on how to refashion men’s shirts. Skirts, dresses, tops, bags, puses and many more wonderful ideas abounds.

Best of Men's shirt refashions

Here is my selection of the best of  Men’s Shirt Re-dos

Men lock up your favourite old shirts!

denim shirt

men's shirts refashion

Fiona Storey, Tokyo Voodoo – love this idea for a restyle – picture from Fashion Slop

Best of Men's shirt refashions

Men’s shirt skirt from Indulgy

This great skirt’s tutorial is at Create

no sew

men's shirt top

This is possibly one of the favourite tops from men’s shirts. I found it posted in many places but without the tutorial, below is the tutorial from Indulgy.

no sew shirt top

The Tutorial for the Skirt worn with the tied shirt-top can be found at Adventures in Dress Making

From men's shirt to skirt

The equivalent of the no-sew shirt-top is the no-sew shirt skirt – tutorial found at Mommy chic



shirt tshirt

1 Shirt & 1 T-Shirt = New Top

This clever Refashion from a shirt into a woman’s ruffled strapless cami is from Dances with Fabric 

ruffle top from men's shirt

The baby doll button up dress’ tutorial (below) can be found at Cut Out & Keep.

button up dress

This clever zipper shirt requires more advanced sewing but if you are up to it the tutorial is available from Brassy Apple

zipper shirt from men’s shirt – Brassy Apple

Refashioning a too big shirt

This particular idea has been repinned, and reposted so many times that I cannot find the original source, but it must be listed as one of the top best ideas of how to simply refashion a shirt.

shirt dressmen's shirt

This dress-shirt could very well be the front of the previous button styled back and is from Craftster 

shirt dress

How to make two shirts into one dress can be found at one little minute

Man’s dress shirt makeover into ladies halter top

Man’s dress shirt makeover into ladies halter top

The how-to for this great idea of man’s shirt into a ladies halter top can be found FireflySoda

or from this tutorial

Another clever halter top – shirt refashion from Wobisobi

from shirt to halter top

This men’s shirt refashion is from Refashion co-op

Shirt Dressshirt dress

This great refashion is from Whiptips

shirt refashion

This Feminine refashion is from a Fashionable Stitch

shirt to top

Even the collars and cuffs are cut off for some of the restylings can be used such as this great embellished collar from Joyzz

embellished shirt collar

For the cuffs these great pouches – tutorial at Camilla Fabbri

cuff pouches

What are your favourite men shirt refashions?

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  1. December 18, 2012 6:28 am

    Reblogged this on B.Y. and commented:
    I happen to have a few button down shirts that are just way too big (found while thrifting). These are some good ideas on what to do with them.

    • December 18, 2012 7:01 am

      It really is wonderful what you can do with men’s shirts. With all these ideas I don’t think men’s shirts will be hanging long in thrift stores. lol I will love to see what you do with yours, please post some pics on your blog. . Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. February 11, 2013 6:46 pm

    Holy mother-load of men’s shirt refashions! Wow! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to have to pin this page on my “refashion” board on Pinterest! 🙂

    • February 12, 2013 2:20 pm

      I had a hard time choosing – so many great ideas out there!

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